Sunday, June 20, 2010

Late in updating

I haven't been updating as much as I should, I guess I have other things going on so i don't really bother. Some of the highlights of the past week:

Our second LOHS race in the series had 70 racers attend, the most we have had at ANY of our races. Rain was in the picture once again but it happened the night before so the trail was pretty much dried out by the time the race started. We have had such favorable comments about all the new trail we have put in at the school that we are thinking about expanding the number of races next year and making it a weeknight series. Our next race is not until October.

Last Sunday I went up to Port Huron to race but had to pull out after a little over a lap due to my lower back hurting. It is a different pain than the one I had earlier this year from playing golf. I have been able to ride without any problem until last week. I didn't race at the school and hope to be ready in two weeks for the Stony race.

I did some longer rides this week to get some time in the saddle but kept the effort fairly light. Today's ride was over 50 mile and my back didn't really seem to protest too much. But if it was a harder ride or race I think it would have been screaming.

Greg cooked dinner today and he had bought some steaks that were about 2 inches think. We grilled those and had fresh green beans and corn on the cob. A great dinner. For the past two months we have been able work together on meals and housework and I think the experience has been good for both of us.

Sandy and I have decided that for the time being things haven't worked out for her out in Spokane so we are pulling the plug on the experiment. She will be returning on July 4th. That means we have only two weeks to get the house cleaned up! It will be nice to have her back but I also wished it had worked out. I was looking forward to moving out there at the end of next year. So now our future plans are open and we will just see what happens.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

LOHS Team Challenge 6/16

Attention race teams. The LOHS GAP program has issued a team challenge for this Wednesday's race, June 16. We will be giving out a special award to the top team according to the rules listed below. Teams must be those normally represented at Michigan races, i.e. Cycletherapy, RBS, Cannondale Midwest, Trail's Edge, etc. No composite teams allowed. Is YOUR team up to the challenge?

Teams will be scored based on the top 5 finishers per team, no more than 2 racer's results counted per category. 1st = 1 point, 2nd = 2 points, etc. Lowest total score wins. In the event of a tie the team with the most registered finishers wins. If there is still a tie then a blind drawing will be held from available classes, the team with the top scoring finisher in that class will be declared the winner.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lake Orion High School Race Results June 9, 2010

Our first race of two drew close to 60 riders. Rain in the morning but it dried up for the most part by race time. The weather looks even better for next week.

June 9, 2010 Results

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

It's a boy!

Last Thursday Emily gave birth to a healthy baby boy. That is child number three for the Jason and Emily. Everyone is doing fine and this time the midwife was present during the at home delivery and they were able to use the birthing tub. No name has been selected yet.