Sunday, September 14, 2008

That's a lot of rain

Like most areas of the Midwest, we were hit with a lot of rain this weekend. I think it has only stopped raining for about three of the last 48 hours or so. But we are fortunate compared to those along the gulf or even Illinois and Indiana that got more rain than we did. The rain certainly didn't help UM at the Notre Dame football game yesterday.

Rather than get wet I ended up putting the bike on the trainer for a two hour ride. After riding outside all summer it seemed hard to believe that two or three hour rides inside are common in the winter.

Today i took advantage of a lull in the rain to ride on the pavement for a while. Other than getting a flat tire the ride was uneventful and fortunately the rain stayed away until after I got home.

Next weekend is a race at Addison Oaks. The trails should be dried by then and I think I'll be racing on my SS but in my age class, just for fun. I may also try a cyclocross race or two in the coming weeks but I'll wait and see.

Photos from last week's race.

Preparing to hit a stretch of mud

In the mud

Happy that the race is almost over and things are drying up

It was worth it! State Champ!

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cyclingforhealth said...

Hi mr kinley, i've been reading your blog for awhile. It's really informative and there's alot i could learn from you. One thing for sure, you have very very uber cool cannondale bikes =) You seem quite a professional rider as well. i look to take part in my 1st race sometime this year as well. Is it ok i link your blog to my blog? I have a cycling blog too...