Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fall doesn't get much better than this

Beautiful weather! Fall in Michigan doesn't get much better than this weekend. As long as we don't talk about U of M football. Other than that it was just about perfect.

Saturday was the big ride that would take place on much of the back roads and trails that i usually ride but a lot of people would be meeting at Stony park to follow a marked course with a couple of aid stations along the way. Riders were supposed to leave anywhere from 8-10:00 am.

Since I had a lot of things to do I wanted to make sure I got there early. I left the house before the sun came up and rode the southern portion of the route on my way over to Stony. I got to see the sun rise through the colors on the trees; I love to ride early in the day. It was cold though, there was frost on the ground.

I got over to Stony around 8:15 and left there shortly after arriving. For the rest of the ride I was the first one on the route, just enjoying the ride. For the day I ended up with just under 60 miles. That included the required extra mileage for doughnuts at the cider mill.

I got out early again this morning but waited until the sun was up and it was a little warmer. I jumped on a different bike with skinny tires and made good time in racking up another 40 miles.

For the rest of the day I tried to clear up some of the junk around the house that we have accumulated over the years and then I hiked the LOHS race course to put up some markings in case anyone wanted to practice the bike or run portions.

Next week I will be out of town so I may not get much riding in but
I plan on hitting it pretty hard the following week once I get back, leading up to the LOHS race and then begin a taper for the Iceman race on November 8.

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