Thursday, September 17, 2009

Where did the daylight go?

It seems like the early darkness came out of nowhere. My ride tonight had me finishing close to 6:30 and I realized two things: I wouldn't be able to ride much later for very long and that I soon I will need to bring a jacket or something warmer to put on.

It's hard to believe that Fall starts next week and that the longest day of the year was three months ago. If not for daylight savings time then our daylight hours would be similar to the middle of March. Back then we were looking forward to the warmer weather and getting out to ride on dry trails and roads. Where did the time go?

I think we were lulled into the fall season by the glorious weather we have had the last few weeks. Plus with vacation time and races it was easy to get in a lot of riding without extending the ride time into early evening. Now, it feels like I need to rush to get in a ride at all before dark. At least the lights are charged; it won't be long before they will go on the bike just in case I am out longer than expected.

My hope is that when winter comes, it comes quickly. None of that rainy, 40 degree junk. Just open up the freezer doors and let it snow. We can still ride and my new XC skis are just waiting for some action.

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