Thursday, December 10, 2009

Back on line

We have been having intermittent internet problems for the last week or so. The connection would be lost and then come back. Greg tried a few things and got us going for a few more days but then it went out for good.

We called Comcast and they were able to get out this afternoon. We suspected the modem again as we have had several replaced over the years. But after hooking up the new modem the tech was still having problems. He determined it was the line leading from the pole to the house.

He called in another guy to help and the two of them installed a new cable. I felt sorry for them out in the -6 wind chill. They said the line probably had moisture in it because they could hear it cracking as they rolled up the old cable. They also found a previous repair that they felt had not been properly made. Now, with the new cable web browsing seems faster than before. Hopefully that is the last of the problems for a while.

Since my last post not a lot has happened. I managed to get in some good rides on the trails now that the ground has froze. We finished a new section of trail at the school that combined with some other sections we don't normally use, adds about a mile to the overall length.

I started working on the next section and was able to get it roughed in as the snow began to fall on Tuesday. I got the small stuff cleared and now all we will have to do come spring is to cut the fallen logs out of the way and rake it. We have another piece of school property that we will be studying over the winter to see how to best use it.

The winter race is only two months away and it's time to get back into training for next spring. I haven't ridden much the last few weeks so the body should be rested. Now that my ribs appear to have healed it is also time to get back into the gym. Just in time for the holidays.


Jeff Matyas said...


Thanks for all the trail work you have done. I dropped in Monday afterwork and rode some of the new trail (On the east side of the valley that used to be the "kmart sub" main trail). The section overlooking the ledge is a blast and looks great!
Thanks again!


Steve Kinley said...

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. I was probably working on the next section while you were riding. I was on the other side of the trail from the benches. In addition to the one I just roughed in we have plans for another good size piece.

Dan Frayer said...

what are the 2010 plans?

Steve Kinley said...

Dan - not sure yet what 2010 will bring. Depends on if I'm on the CFR team or the local team. I want to get a high school racing program going next fall.