Saturday, June 23, 2007

From first to second in the blink of an eye

Or in the time it took to read the email. The National Ultra Endurance Mountain Bike Series has not posted the overall series results yet so I sent a few emails inquiring on the status. I also wanted to find out if they were changing the scoring method. As I had written in earlier posts, they were either using a time based system or switching to a placing system.

If using the time system I would currently be in 1st but by the slimmest of margins. Using finishing positions would drop me down to second. The first reply I got said they thought they were using time. I just received another email that said they are changing it to be based on finish. So I guess I am now in second. In order to win the series I would have to beat the current first place holder twice.

I am getting in my last rides this weekend before leaving for Germany on Monday. It is for business and will probably be the last time that some of us will be together now that Chrysler and Daimler are splitting. Travelling on the corporate jet gets you spoiled when you have to fly commercial.

Instead of staying in the city of Stuttgart we are staying a ways out of town, near the Black Forest in an old castle, the Schloss Weitenburg. I had hoped to spend a few extra days in Germany after our meeting but won't get the chance. I'm glad I will have a week to recover after getting back before the next race. I might need to lose a few pounds when I get back as I expect to hoist a few steins with my German colleagues. At least my arms will get a workout.

I was at the mall today looking for a plug converter for my trip and unfortunately right next to the place I needed to go to was a Carter's children's store. My wife was in there looking at all the clothes that she would like to get for our first grandchild expected in October. I think my bike racing days may be numbered as I can see where our money will be going!

The Schloss Weitenburg

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