Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My 10 seconds of fame

Cyclingnews published a write up of the Lumberjack race and included a nice paragraph about the Master's class including the top three so I got my name in there other than the results. Mentioning much about the Master's class is pretty rare, in fact at some races they don't receive much acknowledgement at all. And we usually seem to be omitted when people publish pictures of the winner's on the podiums. So we will take what ever press we can get.

From the article:

The men's masters class was chock full of fast racers. The top five battled it out for a full 100 miles with only 17 minutes separating first through fifth.. Jim Jordan (CFX Prod) was first at 9:01:05, second was John Majors at 9:14:20 and third was Steve Kinley (Hammer Nutrition, Cannondale) at 9:15:59


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