Sunday, July 15, 2007

Shortest race of the year so far

Photo courtesy of Steve Balogh

I decided earlier in the week to race at Ruby today as part of my training to do more intensity. I hadn't been there in 4 years and wasn't really looking forward to going back. The course crosses a river twice on each lap and a has a few climbs and one steep downhill that had a rope down the side in case you decide to walk down. It was so steep that you needed something to hold on to if trying to walk.

I had heard they had done a lot of modifications to the trail so a few of us went out there earlier in the week to check it out. The climbs and descents have been modified with switchbacks which made both ups and downs easier. The rest of the course was pretty tight as it wound its way along the river banks. Not exactly my style of course but it would be a good workout.

I couldn't decide which bike to use, a 26 or 29'er because the course was so tight in places. I practiced the switchbacks at Bloomer yesterday to try and decide but couldn't make up my mind so I took both bikes to the race.

I tested both while warming up and felt more comfortable on the 29'er. The race started with another racer and I sprinting for the entrance to the singletrack since we knew passing would be a problem. He just beat me to it and I stayed on his wheel for a while until he was able to make some passes on other riders where I couldn't.

I gradually lost sight of him over the next few laps but I was comfortably in front of the next person in my class. I finished 2nd in just over one hour and 22 minutes. The shortest race of the year so far.

Now a couple more weeks of training before the Stony TT which will be even shorter and then the Wilderness 101.

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