Sunday, July 22, 2007

Weekend in review

This weekend was just about perfect in almost every respect. You couldn't ask for much better weather on both days. Moderate temperatures and low humidity made the riding all the better. Yesterday I set a new PR on my 37.5 mile "hill" route and spent another hour and a half just enjoying the ride.

Today I did another 4 hours at a slightly easier pace and pre-rode a lap of the Stony TT for next weekend. In spite of the beautiful weather I didn't see too many bikers on the trail at Stony but earlier the Paint Creek Trail was crowded with runners, hikers and riders.

This afternoon we grilled marinated steaks with fresh corn on the cob. Paired with a good wine the only thing I needed was a hammock to catch a snooze in the shade.

Tonight I am catching up on the Tour and sampling another German wheat beer. Since spending time in Germany I have come to really enjoy this type of beer and have been trying to find something similar to what I had over there. Unfortunately with the preservatives put in beer shipped out of the country I don't think anything will taste as good as something served in Germany.

This week will be some shorter efforts leading to the TT on Sunday and then about the same next week before leaving for the Wilderness 101 in Pennsylvania.

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