Monday, June 02, 2008

Mohican 100 Short Recap

I'll post something longer in the future, complete with pictures, but for now here's the short version of the Mohican 100.

We were lucky to escape the severe storms that were around but it did rain overnight, enough to cause the singletrack and wooded sections to be muddy and slick. Starting in town this year was fun but not too many in the sleepy town of Loudonville were awake to watch us roll through at 7:00 am.

Out of town up a steep paved climb and onto the dirt roads before hitting some wet two track and then across a creek to the first hike-a-bike section. Then the singletrack that went on forever. I was amazed at how many people had difficulties riding this stuff.

Finally out on to a little bit of road and then intermittent singletrack and road sections interspersed throughout the course. The sun came out and it got really warm, at least for those of us from the north. I think it was the warmest day I've ridden in this year. I thought my body and face were on fire. I really wanted to quit about 5 hours in.

I kept plugging, or maybe slogging is a better word as the hills seemed harder the longer I rode. I finally got to the base of the dam and actually rode farther up it this year than last. Of course, that's not saying much.

I ended up finishing almost to the second with the same time as last year. Given the wet trail conditions maybe I was actually faster than last year. But my efforts only netted me a 4th place this year; last year it was good for 2nd. The same guys that took the top three spots at Cohutta finished in the same order at Mohican. But I was a little closer to 2nd and 3rd. And I beat last year's winner again. But the guy who won our class once again spanked us, winning by over an hour and a half. He would have finished in the top 20 overall.

This year has a lot tougher competition than last year. So far it looks doubtful I will make the top three for the series.

Next up is the Brighton stage race and then Lumberjack. I'm keeping the intensity up to try and maintain a high readiness for the next 100 in two weeks.

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