Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Swiftwick Socks = All Day Comfort

I am pleased to announce a new sponsor to my racing endeavours, Swiftwick Socks. I ran into this company last year when I did the inaugural Dirt, Sweat and Gears race down in Tennessee. We were given a pair of their socks in our goody bag. At the time they were a start-up company that I knew nothing about but once I put on their socks my feet were in heaven. I began to use that pair for all of my longer rides and races. The wool blend works in all weather conditions; hot, cold, wet, it didn't matter. I think I wore the same pair in 5 or 6 endurance events so far and they show no signs of wear.

I had been in contact with them off and on over the winter to try and purchase some more pairs but their website and on-line store was still under construction. I did make email contact and ran into them again at the Cohutta this spring.

One thing led to another and they wanted to add me to their list of sponsored riders, or their "5% Faster Club". A package showed up this weekend with all sorts of pairs of socks in various styles. They have really branched out since last year. They even had their socks on the feet of some of the big time roadie pros in the tours.

I'm looking forward to trying out their other blends of socks as well as the wool ones I've come to love. If you get a chance check them out on-line or look for me at one of the races. Chances are I'll be sporting their socks and have samples you can look at. Hopefully you will be able to find them at a LBS near you in the future.

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Mark Cleveland said...

Steve, welcome to the family!

The team at Swiftwick is totally focused on performance socks and all those little details, because they matter. We appreciate your feedback too.

At Swiftwick, we want you to "Do What Moves You". Nobody can win the race for you, but the best equipment helps.

Mark Cleveland