Sunday, November 02, 2008

Cyclocross - Take 2

I did another 'cross race today on the SS with the same result as last time. Second place and beaten by the same person. I still managed to pass a handful of younger geared riders that started 30 seconds in front of us. Not only beating them up the hills but taking them on the inside of the corners, that's when it's really fun.

This race was over in Ann Arbor, home of the Michigan Wolverines, and I managed to convince my wife to go with me. Since she is a dedicated Ohio State Buckeye fan I thought she was going to break out in hives when we crossed the line into the town. At least she didn't wear her OSU garb.

This was the first race of mine she has been to in a long time. Maybe it's an early anniversary present to me. Tomorrow we will have been married for 30 years.


TP said...

30 years...ah...young love!


Dan Frayer said...

always taking those young guns to school. Good work

love dan

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