Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I'm back!

OK, I never actually went anywhere but the point is I'm not going to Washington. After much personal reflection and discussion with family, friends and clergy, I have decided to remain at Chrysler for as long as the wild ride continues.

The decision was the hardest one I have ever made. From a purely financial standpoint it would have been a no brainer. But as the time drew closer I realized that there were many reasons to stay and that money was of the least importance.

While it would have been nice to be closer to the grandkids I still have a son living with us, as well as other family members close by. Not to mention a great network of friends as well as riding opportunities.

I know will have many things to be extra thankful for this Thursday.


Dennis B Murphy said...

wow- good luck whichever way this turns out for you Steve- We are seeing the same things happening here at JCI- many people took a quite generous voluntary separation package the last few weeks- those that did not are now at risk for an involuntary - all of which is to be performed the week of Dec 8-12. (I am actually out of the office the 8-9th for a work trip and consider taking three days vacation for the remainder to avoid witnessing the carnage). My job is fairly secure from this cut - the cut is only for SG&A personnel and I am in operations- but Ops are rumored to be under review for January or February.

Joni and I also looked at moving- I had a job interview in Portland Or last year which did not result in an offer. But we've faced the same dilemma- do we move to another northern state with winter? or relocate more southerly?

See you on the trails.

TP said...


Happy Thanksgiving...enjoy and good luck in the future.

Danielle said...

Welcome back :-)