Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Going Green

Much has been written about the need to "go green". If you notice, my blog layout has changed some to match the sentiment. But Cannondale is going green in more than just the environmental direction. While I haven't seen our new team kits yet I did see a sample team frame and Cannondale Factory Racing looks like it too is going green. Pictures to come when I get them.

Of course the big news around our area is the announcements made today by Chrysler and GM about their restructuring plans. It is of some concern that Chrysler has stated that if they don't get the money then they would probably have to cease operations as we know it. Now it is up to the government to decide our short term fate.

At least this week has been somewhat stable in terms of weather. Seven of us headed out to do a longer ride on Saturday in the middle of a snowfall but the roads were still manageable. I ended up with four hours and on Sunday got out for about another three.

Unfortunately we haven't had enough snow to allow me to use my new XC skis that arrived the Friday it got into the 50's. I hope we get some soon or I may have to take a trip up north just to try them out.


Dan Frayer said...

should have the needed powder now

Steve Kinley said...

Yes, finally. But not for long.