Sunday, March 22, 2009

New frame

My new SS frame arrived on Friday and it was the first time I had a chance to see the frame in person. It looks just as good as I had hoped. The frame has some of our sponsor's logos on it as well. We will have some new ones this year although I have not seen a list of who all of them will be. I can't build the complete bike yet since I'm still waiting for the fork. No word on when that will arrive.

I managed to get some trail work done up at Lake Orion High School in preparation for the spring race series in May. The trails were fairly dry in most spots but I blew the leaves off to help define them and to help them dry faster. I also redid one section to make it a smoother flow. The school was able to find me a few pieces of culvert so I dug on of them into place where the runoff is flowing almost all year.

I had softball practice again on Saturday morning and we still had a small turnout. They are going to have to do a better job recruiting players if we even want to have the minimum necessary to start a game.

We had the Cannondale Midwest Racing team meeting on Saturday evening at the Scurr's. It's always nice to kick off the season with the team get together and meet the new members. I led a team ride in the afternoon prior to the meeting.

Next Saturday is the Barry/Roubaix race over near Grand Rapids. It looks like they are getting a good signup but I haven't made the commitment yet. The weather looks like it may be wet and cold. Actually that is often the kind of weather that the Paris/Roubaix has; the race that the Barry/Roubaix race is modeled after. I'll probably go anyway, it's time to get the race season underway.


TP said...

Sharp lookin' new frame!

Steve Kinley said...

Thanks. I am hoping to build it this week once the fork comes in.

Dan Gerous said...

Very nice looking! If it's as fast as it's good looking, you'll have plenty of success! :)