Sunday, March 01, 2009

Lamb or Lion?

When talking about the month of March there is a reference as to whether or not the month comes and goes like a lion or a lamb. After riding this morning I would say it was more like the former, or at least a wolf in lamb's clothing.

The temperatures were in the low teens with negative wind chills but the sun was shining and the roads were either dry or at least frozen. From the warmth of the house it looked like a great day to ride.

Once out on the bike it seemed a lot colder than yesterday. The wind was biting and making progress slow when riding into it. I probably rode in colder temperatures this winter but at last then there was snow on the ground so you would expect the frigid air. I think I'm ready for some warmer weather. Although once it get into the muddy season I may miss the frozen roads.

Out west, Jason's school's girls basketball team made it to the state playoff for the first time ever. Jason is the Athletic Director for the school so the family was in Yakima this week to watch the girls play. They won their first two games but then lost the next two which earned them 6th place in the state. It was still a remarkable achievement for such a small school.

I've started putting some bike items on eBay in preparation of the new racing season and to be able to take advantage of team purchases at a great price. We weren't supposed to release any pictures of the new bikes or uniforms (kits) but some were posted on yesterday from over in Europe. It was my first look at the kits as well. I'll probably post the pictures tomorrow.

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