Saturday, May 16, 2009

Washed Out

Heavy rain overnight caused the postponement of the Addison Oaks 6/12 hour race for the second week in a row. I feel bad for the promoter as he has about $5,000 sunk into the event. He has rescheduled it for October 10. The Michigan race calendar is so full during the summer that this was one of the few open dates available. Hopefully a lot of people will come out in October to support him.

The storms also made the already muddy trails at Bloomer park even worse and the race for tomorrow has been postponed until next Sunday. With luck the course will be able to dry out some. I am not sure if I will race since it is only a week before the Mohican race.

Our final race at LOHS looks to be in danger of also being postponed based on the forecast for next Tuesday. We had a backup date for any rain outs and we may end up using it.

Long range forecast for the Mohican race does not look promising. Right now they are calling for rain just about every day in the week preceding the race and also on race day. I think this race is cursed as that would make four years in a row that it has rained on, or just before the race.

The postponements of race has made training even more difficult as you structure your week leading up to a race with the expectation that the race will consume a certain amount of energy. When it doesn't happen you have to try and make up for it or somehow adjust your plan. This spring has been very frustrating for both promoters and racers.

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cjsbike said...

Remember, it only rains at races when you show up!

I will see you at Lumberjack!

I hope it does not rain!