Monday, May 25, 2009

The weather doesn't get much better in Michigan

Wow! A three day weekend and the weather was darn near perfect. Mostly sunny skies, temperatures in the mid 70's and a light breeze. For Memorial day weekend it doesn't get much better in Michigan.

The trails have mostly dried up or are at least passable now. I spent the past three days on the bike for a couple of hours each day, riding a combination of back roads and trails. I was testing a few things on the bikes in preparation for next week's Mohican 100 which now looks like it should have decent weather.

I was going to get in a last hard effort yesterday at the rescheduled Bloomer XC race. I figured I would ride over to the race on my SS, race, and ride back home. While the race would be hard it should only take a little over an hour and half to complete. But once I got there I found out they were adding an extra lap to the Expert SS class so I decided to go ride somewhere else instead; it takes me a while to recover from hard efforts and I wanted to not overdo it before next weekend. I also saved $30.

This morning I joined about 15 other riders in a combination road/trail ride at an "easy pace", at least that's what the email invitation billed the ride as. It was hosted by the owner of Cycletherapy, the bike shop where I occasionally work part time. I should have known better since most of the guys/gals that showed up are also racers. The 2.5 hour ride was at times. "spirited", but always fun. I got to ride a bunch of new trails that I normally wouldn't as well as spend a great morning outside. I just wish I had left on the fat tires instead of switching to 'cross tires.

The rest of this week;s riding will be light efforts, maybe a few hard, short intervals to keep the legs from going to stale. I've not done as much training this year for Mohican, maybe legs with less hours on them will be better. We leave Friday morning to head south. I hope my new wheel comes in before then. I'm still trying to decide which bike to use.

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