Tuesday, July 07, 2009

It's July Already?

The year is half over and it seems to have gone by pretty fast. Not that long ago the weather was cold and rainy but for the past week the temperatures have pretty much been ideal. Summer is finally here, right on cue.

We held another race at Lake Orion High School and once again lucked out on the weather. It was rainy in the morning but while the rain threatened all afternoon, it never materialized. We had a decent turnout of students which was great to see. The trail was in good shape and the racers were treated to the longest course yet. This will be similar to the rest of the races scheduled there this year.

The three days off from work meant I got to ride for a couple of hours each morning and hit up most of the area trails at some point. I averaged about 3 hours per day; not very long but I threw in some harder efforts for training. I was usually home by noon to do whatever else was on the agenda for the day.

Sandy also had Friday off so we went shopping for the weekend meals as I planned on grilling every day. Sunday we were celebrating our younger son's birthday and he had requested tht I make the shrimp and chicken kabobs he liked. It's acutally a pretty simple dish but cleaning three pounds of shrimp takes some time.

While at one of the stores we noticed that the lawn furniture was on closeout. There really wasn't a lot left but it did get us thinking about it. In the afternoon we cheked out a few other stores for furniture and decided to mix and match table, chairs and umbrella from three different places. Now, after almost twelve years in our house, we actually have something on our patio other than a grill. We enjoyed eating outside all weekend.

Next week most of Chrysler shuts down for its first two week corporate holiday, similar to what the other auto makers have done for years. All of our plants will be down and most of the rest of the corporation will be off as well. Originally we were told to plan on taking vacation as well but now we are alloed to work instead. I plan on working most days to save the time off for later this month when Jason is supposed to come back for a few days. Hopefully the rest of the family will be able to make the trip as well.

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