Sunday, July 26, 2009

Turning back the pages to the times I love best

The title is one of the lines from Gordon Lightfoot's song, Carefree Highway. I thought it was an appropriate blog title since Sandy and I went to see Gordon in concert at Meadowbrook this past Thursday evening. What makes the line even more meaningful is that Sandy and I went to see Gordon in concert on one of our first few dates, back in Cleveland in 1977. The theater back then was in the round and we had close to front row seats.

This time I got an offer through Chrysler for discounted lawn tickets and I thought it would be great to see him again after all these years. I took the day off work so Sandy and I could spend it together. The weather forecast was not promising so in the morning I stopped by the box office and upgraded to pavilion seats. I was surprised that I was able to get center aisle seats, about 20 rows back. Maybe not so surprising since Gordon's popularity probably peaked about 30 years ago.

The night turned out to be a pleasant one and no rain came down during the concert. But the seats we had were definitely a good investment as we had perfect viewing. Gordon's voice still had the familiar sound, just not quite as rich. Of course at age 71 it is to be expected. But I must admit he looks all of his age. The band members were the same ones we had seen 32 years ago except they added a keyboard player. All in all it was great night and it took us back to our courting days. Only this time I didn't have to drop her off at her parents. ;-)

I spent most of my riding this week at a slower price as my knee started to heal. I checked out the Stony TT course on Thursday and Friday in case I decided to enter the race on Sunday. I packed the van last night with the bikes and gear in anticipation of racing. I went over to STony early this morning so I could check out the course conditions from yesterday's rain and also check how my knee was doing.

Initially the knee felt good and the course was also in great shape. As I was riding I added a little more power to the pedal stroke and could tell that I was not yet at 100% on the knee. I headed back to start area and decided to not sign up for the race, waiting until next week to try again. The promoter had raised the price for this race above the normal entry fee and combined with a race that should only take about 50 minutes, I couldn't see paying to race at 85% strength.

Next week is a 6/12 hour race and again at Stony Creek, this time put on by a different promoter. There will be four different MTB races there this year and so far I've missed the first two. Then the week after is the Saturday race at LOHS. And Jason's family will be here!

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