Sunday, August 23, 2009

0% = 100%

So why is it that when I looked at the weather forecast and radar this morning before starting my ride I didn't see any rain at all? Yet after an hour into the ride I was soaked? I guess I didn't look at the right weather web site or should have been better prepared, just in case. I ended up cutting short my planned long ride; soaked to the core my legs and arms were starting to turn purple. I wonder how many people have suffered from hypothermia in August?

Earlier in the week I added a new dimension to my training, trail running. I really, really hate running but with the cyclocross season around the corner I figure I ought to put in some time on foot; even now it is a little late to start but better than not at all. I was really sore from the effort for a day.

Yesterday I put in a hard effort on the bike for a few hours then followed it up with a run. I have a 5k course laid out up at LOHS that will be the course we will use for our fall running race. It uses all of the singletrack so it is a very hilly course with lots of twists and turns as well. It makes running a lot more interesting.

Earlier in the morning yesterday Sandy and I went down to Eastern Market, as much for the fruit and vegetables as to browse the antique shop. Sandy had her eve on a couple of vintage hats which we purchased for her birthday. We bought a few other items as well. I ended up using the money I had set aside to go to the races today but buying things for her was much more satisfying.

Next weekend I have preregistered for a MTB race down in Ohio. The race is only about 20 minutes or so from my parents' house. I have wanted to do this race for some time now but the schedule never worked out. The race is at a Boy Scout camp that is only open for riding one weekend out of the year. I'm looking forward to racing someplace new.

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