Saturday, August 08, 2009

They call me Noah

I had the reputation for a while of being responsible for rain to occur whenever I would race. I thought I had managed to break that streak when we were rain free for all of our school races this spring but lately I seem to be resorting to my old ways. Last week the 12 hour race was shortened due to a threat of rain and then today, after weeks of almost drought conditions, it started to pour a few hours before our race and continued for almost nine straight hours. I know we needed the rain but c'mon, couldn't it have waited one more day?

We had a small turnout as expected but the rain didn't dampen the enthusiasm of those who showed up. In spite of the rain the trails held up well, probably because they were concrete hard to start with. Only a few sections started to get soft but even the sections with standing water were solid underneath.

We ended up canceling the Beginner races that were to start later in the afternoon; those Beginners who preregistered can get a refund or credit for the next race which will be on October 24th to benefit the Food Bank.

Thanks to Cycletherapy and Jet's for sponsoring the race and to the school for the hosting the races. Also to Zachary Brehm for driving over from Pittsburgh to make the race part of his weekend plans.

Results are posted here: Milliseconds Timing The DNF's do not appear in the results.

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