Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Recovery week

I got back on the bike Monday for a two hour easy ride. I used a differnt bike than the one I raced on Saturday so the pressure points were slightly different. I was surprised though that I wasn't as sore as I thought I would be but the legs were definitely tired if medium effort was required. Yesterday I upped the intensity slightly and today more so but the rain might mean it wil be on the trainer. I always have more difficulty keeping up any hard effort on the trainer.

After a couple of easier days leading to the weekend I plan on helping out at the Dexter Crit, sponsored by our shop, Dexter Bike and Sport. I'm not racing but our team will be out to support the race and do what we can. Later we plan on riding the Poto. Sunday I hope to get in a long ride, maybe swing by Bloomer to catch some of the XC race that will be going on there. Again, not racing but just observing.

Next week is final prep for the Lumberjack 100 so nothing major but a few hard efforts to keep the legs tuned up. I've heard that Chris Eatough will be racing and I'm sure that has a few of the local guys nervous. For me I'll see him at the start and that's it. Maybe again if/when he laps me. I did manage to beat him at the World's 24 hour a few years ago, beat him through the scoring area anyway as I ran faster than him but I think he was probably lapping me for about the 10th time or so :-)

Early forecast for the Lumberjack looks like rain. So what else is new?

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