Thursday, June 29, 2006

Recovery week

This week has been just riding and getting the legs back after a few hard weekends in a row. My legs feel a lot better than they were last week at this time. I think one of the reasons is that I have increased the amount of Recoverite I use after each ride. The extra protein helps to rebuild the muscles. Most racers seem to concentrate on carbohydrates and may be deficient in their protein intake. I have looked at mine and I am probably on the border, I do eat red meats which helps but may end up adding some extra protein into the diet in the form of Hammer whey or soy supplements.

There is still a chance I may make it to Colorado for the Breckenridge race. A couple of other guys are trying to decide if they will go and we could carpool to save money. Especially with gas over $3 a gallon today! Check out Alex and Robert's blogs to see what they decide.

The National series now has it's own page that includes current standings, discussion board, and links to the races in the series. Much improved over their initial web offering. You can see it here.

My Lefty Terralogic fork finally came in and I will be getting it tonight to replace the Lefty DLR I had borrowed from my team mate Joel. Thanks to his generosity I was able to build my Rush and race in the initial two races of the series. It will remain to be seen how well I like the new fork, it is supposed to be plusher but does not have a lockout which I'm used to using once the trail or road turns smooth. The new Fox internals are supposed to help with the bobbing so maybe the lockout won't be missed too much. That's the theory anyway.

A four day holiday coming up and I plan on riding and spending some time with the family. My youngest son turned 23 today and we will celebrate that this weekend. My wife says she will have a list of things for me to do around the house during this time as well. That 4 hour ride might turn into an all day ride now.

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