Sunday, July 02, 2006

Long weekend, Lefty Terralogic

Two days into a four day weekend and I've been able to get in two longer rides plus take care of some things around the house and catch a little of the first two days of the tour. The weather and schedule have cooperated so far, our community's fireworks are tonight and hopefully the rain will hold off.

During yesterday's ride I caught the start of the Stony marathon race and it's one of the few times I've spectated and not felt like I wanted to get out there and race. I've ridden Stony enough and did the race last year as well. It's just not that exciting plus with the past races I've done lately and another long race next week I didn't want the extra effort. The blue skies and warm temperatures took its toll on the racers judging by the final results.

Today's ride was out on the back roads north of me and included a fair bit of climbing. I ended up joing two other riders mid way through and their route took us past a farm that had two camels in the pasture. That's not something you see everyday!

I now have a few rides on my Lefty Fox Terralogic fork and it is amazing. I was worried that I would miss the lockout, especially when doing my training rides on the roads or going up the longer hills on the trails. This fork has an internal valving that automatically adjusts between firm when not hitting bumps to full open when the going is rougher. You can adjust the sensitivity for how big a bump you want to activate the fork. Basically whenever I stand and pedal the fork barely moves if at all yet if I hit a bump while pedalling like that it will react and compress. As soon as the trail or road smoothes out it is stiff again after two or three pedal strokes. This is actually better than a lockout since I don't have to remember to unlock it plus it it instantly switches so that I have the most efficiency when pedalling. If it weren't for the price and long wait to get them I would retrofit my other bike with one.

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