Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Urban wildlife

I kept mainly on the paved roads today as I was doing some short intervals and the heavy rain we had early in the morning meant the back roads and trails were wet. During the course of my 1.5 hour ride I spotted (pun intended) four fawns, two of them were with their mother. Also on the ride while coming down a hill I saw a peacock cross the road in front of me, complete with the extra long plummage dragging behind it. Later while riding though an industrial park a coyote ran in front of me. That makes the third one I've seen this year but one was in Ohio. I saw lots of other animals that weren't so lucky and never made it across the road. How long can you hold your breath while doing intervals?


MTB mini said...

I like the new pics at the top!

Steve Kinley said...

I saw that on Alex's blog and liked it as well.