Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I abandoned my own tour!

My ride of choice today. Lake Huron in the background along with a freighter if you look closely.

I set out this morning on my mtb to do a double century, figuring the weather would be nice. I planned on heading over to Port Huron and up the coast before heading inland and back. Things were going well at first but the route was almost 100% in the sun and I started to feel the effects so I ended up cutting my ride short. I only did 177 miles in just under 10.5 hours. The first hundred I was able to complete in just over 5.5 hours but then the sun effect started kicking in plus the return was into the wind (naturally). I think if I had been on a road bike I might have been able to complete it before feeling so bad. Maybe I'll try again when the weather cools off.


alexdolpp said...

Nice work. It's tough in the heat, and you know a roadbike double century wouldn't count.

Looks like there is a little thing going on now about who has the longest training ride...

Steve Kinley said...

Hmm, I don't know if I want to get in to that contest. It would be a tough call between you and Robert.