Saturday, July 22, 2006

Adventure on the west side

West of me anyway. I was scheduled to help Hammer out by setting up a tent and representing them at an adventure race registration and riders' meeting yesterday. Since it would be taking place between Ann Arbor and Brighton I took the opportunity to ride the Poto trail earlier in the morning. I had ridden it about a month ago but the trail had become overgrown in spots, allowing me to earn the Poto badges of courage, the scratches that are received from riding through the brush. There were also at least six places where trees were down forcing dismounts. They will have their work cut out for them on the trail maintenance day that is today. I met one of the trail coordinators at the adventure race sign in to give him a bag of some Hammer products to distribute to the trail workers.

The adventure race registration was a chance to introduce some of the racers to Hammer products and answer questions. Quite a few of the racers already use Hammer products and were obvious supporters of the product. Hammer was one of the sponsors of the race and the promoters were trying to set up a sponsor expo. Since I have done some of these expos for Hammer in the past they asked if I would attend this one. Being a sponsored rider I am always happy to help them when I can. It's easy to promote a product when you can talk about the effect it has had on your own success.

The race is today and is expected to take about 12 hours to complete and included biking, swimming, orienteering, canoeing as well as other special tests. Adventure racing seems to be growing in popularity and they have some for beginners that aren't as long. I'm trying to convince my wife to try one with me but it's a hard sell.

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