Saturday, October 07, 2006

It hurt so good

Five riders showed up at my house early this morning to take advantage of another beautiful but chilly fall morning. They were to be introduced to my hill route, or as much as they had time for. For even more suffering we were all riding single speeds. I don't ride mine much over the summer but I have been using it quite a bit in the last two weeks and found that with the proper gearing it is making a great training bike for building strength.

I prefer to run bigger gearing so that I can make up time on the flats and gentler hills, but some of the steeper hills on the route had me struggling to turn the pedals. I have never been a high cadence rider and the 180mm cranks on the SS make it a little tougher to do so.

Some in our group had to leave at different times throughout the ride so by the time we reached the half way point it was just Chris and myself. He left shortly after and I went on to complete the loop by myself. Near the end of the ride there were a few hills that had me contemplating getting off and walking but I managed to get up them. Comparing today to the last time I did the complete loop, I did the second half faster today on the SS than on the geared bike previously. I need to carry over the SS mentality to the geared bike. I ended up with 76 miles on the day and look forward to more of the same while the weather is nice.

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