Sunday, October 01, 2006

Fall Riding

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year to ride. The cooler weather and changing leaves make the back roads even better. Chris Werth and I headed out to do half of my hill route and got in about 50 miles. We waited until mid morning so the roads would have a chance to dry some after yesterday's all day rain. I'm glad we decided on a road ride, I know the trails were muddy and the woods were full of hunters.

I decided to take along the camera today since we had beautiful blue skies and I wanted to get a few shots along the route. I've written about this route before, it is never far from my house but covers a wide variety of terrain and neighborhoods, from upscale subdivisions with houses well above $750,000 to roads through state land and out past farms and fields. It also uses part of a rail trail that goes past a cider mill where the smell of fresh doughnuts is hard to resist.

At the half way point we headed into Oxford where Chris lives and got a look at the new bridge on the Polly Ann trail being constructed over busy Lapeer Rd. Until the bridge is done users of the trail have to try and cross four lanes of traffic with no help from crosswalks or stoplights.

It was a great ride and I plan on doing more of them as long as the weather allows.

Chris on his Rig

Me, courtesy of Chris

Summer cottage

One of the local horse barns

The new bridge being built in Oxford over Lapeer Rd.

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