Tuesday, March 13, 2007

70+ and sunny on March 13!!!!!!!!

The first ride of the year in just shorts and short sleeves. And I had to put on sunblock to avoid a burn. It's amazing how much faster you feel without all the extra clothing.

I had to wait and put the SS back together before heading out to enjoy the weather. I switched back to the 42 tooth front ring for a better workout on the roads. I was surprised that the roads were in a lot better shape than I expected. There were some areas of standing water,thick mud, tacky soil or even dusty gravel, sometimes all within a mile stretch. The SS is the perfect bike for these conditions since I don't have to worry about all the drivetrain parts getting messed up.

If we had a few more days like today the roads would be in great shape, other than the potholes. It doesn't look like the weather will cooperate though.

I received a bunch of parts for my 29'er build tonight but nothing so that I can really start to put the bike together. I'm waiting on the rims which should be here on Thursday and the front hub and fork. I also have a few parts showing up in a week or so. We are taking all the team's drivetrain parts to a sponsor, Future Technology Services, that does metal treating. It is a process that hardens the metal and makes it last longer. I hope to have the bike pretty much together before the end of the month so I can have a few weeks on it before the Cohutta race.

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