Sunday, March 18, 2007

Nothing new

Not much really new to report, the cold weather came back and I don't want to ride outside. I spent most of the week on the trainer or in spin class and on Saturday I was busy most of the day so I did intervals on the trainer.

Today I go out early, temps in the 20's which meant all bundled up again. I wanted to spend my time riding a little harder on the hills but I could tell my legs were spent from the previous day's efforts. I only managed 50 miles and half my planned route but I figured it was best to regroup and recover. Sometimes I tend to push too hard and then have a hard time recovering for a few days. I think it is harder the older I get.

More parts for the 29'er build have come in, now it's time to build the back wheel while waiting for the front hub. I'm still hoping to have the bike built by the end of the month but it will be close.

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