Saturday, November 17, 2007


Four years now we have held a Michigan vs. OSU party at our house and Michigan has lost every time. Living in a divided household means that the loser is in for a long year. For me that has been four long years. I've learned not to make any bets though.

The good thing is that it brings my parents north from Cleveland to visit. Of course once they cross the Ohio/Michigan border my dad put the Michigan hats and things on the back shelf of the car so people will see he is a Michigan fan. My parents also usually bring something for each side of the rivalry to put up. You can see some examples from the pictures of the decorations we have accumulated over the years.

This year we did not have the luxury of the projection system so we congregated around two tv's instead. Usually the adults were in one room and the kids in another.
After the game my son and his friends headed to the basement to play some of the Wii video games.

Getting ready to eat at half time

My wife looks kind of smug after the game

Some of the gang playing video games

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