Sunday, November 04, 2007

Anniversary and Getting Ready for Iceman

Saturday was our 29th wedding anniversary and the weather was almost exactly the same as it was back then. Sunny and mild in the afternoon. Time has certainly flown by since our wedding, triumphs and heartaches, success and failures, but we have endured all and our commitment to each other is even stronger. And now we are blessed to have our first grandchild.

We went up to Frankenmuth on Saturday afternoon, we haven't been there for a few years and we used to go around our anniversary when we first moved to Michigan. We stopped at Bronner's of course and the parking lot was jammed. I don't remember ever being there when it was so crowded. We actually had to hunt for a parking place. Inside it was almost as bad so we only went through part of it and plan to go back at a later time. We did get a chance to see Wally Bronner, the founder. I didn't realize he was still around and active in the store.

Frankenmuth was almost as crowded but at least the crowd is spread out. We didn't buy much this trip but we did get some of the warm sugar coated almonds. Plus I took advantage of any of the free samples of various foods that some of the stores had out.

We had reservations for dinner at a place I read about on the Internet that was supposed to serve wild game such as elk, kangaroo, alligator as well as other specialties. The owner appears on a TV show and has written some cookbooks. The place is called Dixie Dave's and is right outside Birch Run.

When we pulled up to the restaurant we wondered if we had the right place, it looked like any corner bar that had seen better days. When we walked inside it wasn't much better. The interior had some stuffed animals around but was mainly a big room with bar style tables and chairs and the booth we were shown had duct tape on the vinyl seats. Paper place mats and inexpensive silverware did not add to our confidence that this would be a decent place to eat.

When we came in there was a birthday party going on for some older gentleman and they were in the midst of opening cards. While we couldn't see him we did have the pleasure? of listening to him read each card out loud. Certainly this was a different dinner entertainment than I had envisioned.

We ordered the tequila shrimp as an appetizer and Sandy ordered the elk steak and I had the elk beef tips. The food was excellent and so was the service. It just seemed out of place with the decor.

Here are some reviews and information for the place:

The Old Dixie InnAddress:The Old Dixie Inn12027 Dixie Hwy.Birch Run, MI 48415 Phone: (989)624-9349Email: Enjoy a meal of wild game, everything from alligator to zebra. French, Italian and wild game menu, casual family atmosphere. Reservations suggested on Friday and Saturday, closed Monday. Dixie Dave's wild game cookbooks available for sale. Handicap accessible. The building was built in 1934. It was one of the first bars open after the prohibition and people from Detroit would come here to drink. Dixie Dave is featured on WNEM TV-5 on Sundays on Mike Avery's Outdoor show with another of his favorite Wildgame recipes.

I managed to do a couple of rides Thursday through today, on both geared and the SS. Today was probably the last day I'll have to ride before the race so I did my climbing route on the SS using the gearing I plan for the race. It seemed OK as the two biggest hills were a struggle but that's the way its supposed to be. I could probably go a little harder but the weather up in Traverse City is calling for some snow this week but dry on Saturday. The trails may be soft in spots so an easier gear may be in order.

I'm also getting ready for the Iceman Expo where I'll be manning the Hammer Nutrition booth again. If you are up there on Friday stop by and say hi.

Jason is posting new pictures of Oliver every few days so check them out over on his blog.


Danielle said...

I'll be up at Iceman all day too, so I'll be sure to come and raid the Hammer tent for some gels :-)

See you up there!!!

Steve Kinley said...

Bring a flask and you can pump your own. See you there.