Sunday, November 18, 2007

Training with a plan using FPTS coaching

Like a lot of racers in North America, the month of November is a time to take some time off the bike, reflect on the past season and plan for next year. At some point though it's time to get back into training. Although the first race may be 4 and a half months away or more a lot of what is done over the winter and early spring will shape the entire racing season to come.

In years past I have benefited from using a coach who was also a member of our team. His training plans and guidance pushed me to successive series wins in the MMBA CPS as well as victories in the endurance races. Due to work and family commitments he was not able to coach this year and I was left to my own plans.

Although I did have some success this year I felt that I did not reach my potential and my training lacked a focus and the proper schedule of intensity required to really be competitive. While a lot of racers are able to be highly competitive based on their own plans or maybe just genetics, I have found that I respond better to having a plan done for me and being expected to report my results.

After doing some searching I decided to engage Terry Ritter from Full Potential Training Services, or FPTS, to coach me for the coming year. There are a lot of coaches out there in the market, some very well known and have large coaching services and well known clientele. I wanted someone local or at least within a reasonable distance from me so that we could actually meet. I think it is important for the athlete and coach to get to know each other and develop an understanding of each others needs and methods.

I have known Terry for a few years and worked with him as part of the MMBA CPS committee. I am looking forward to his coaching plans and advice. I'm sure it may take a little while for us to get our plans refined as we optimize them for my needs and fitness levels. Testing and evaluations should be taking place over the winter.

For now though I will be heading back into the gym for weight training as well as beginning to spend time on the bike again. I will be using a new training method this year that I am excited about.

We don't have the 2008 race schedule finalized yet. I am waiting for a few details to be firmed up and then I will post it. For now though it looks like I will be doing some out of state travelling again.

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