Sunday, April 26, 2009

Cannondale Goodness Times 3

I was fortunate this year to be able to build up three new bikes after selling off all my old frames, forks, and even another non Cannondale bike. I kept all the important stuff to swap over to the new frames and forks. Items kept include drivetrain, brakes, saddles, bars, etc.

Two of the bikes, the geared and singlespeed 29" hardtails are almost identical to the ones I sold except they have the new team colors. But I built a completely different bike compared to what I have been riding, a full suspension Scalpel. I had an older model Scalpel but they changed the bike a few years ago.

I went one better than stock by custom building mine with a 29" wheel on the front instead of the normal 26". Since Cannondale doesn't yet make a full suspension 29" wheel bike I figured I would try a 69'er build. I had seen one or two builds similar on the Internet and I thought it would make a great endurance bike. Lightweight carbon frame and a bigger wheel to roll over obstacles.

I had the regular 29" bikes built a few weeks ago but had to wait on parts to finish the Scalpel. I was able to take it out for its maiden spin on Friday on the Pontiac Lake trails. I could tell I didn't have it dialed in as I was not as fast or as comfortable on it as I should be. Saturday I changed the shock pressures and the overall fit, including a different stem and bar. Today's ride confirmed that it was a lot better.

I got out for about three hours and the bike felt great. Hopefully it will translate into faster times and less fatigue in the long races.

We had major thunderstorms roll through the area yesterday, accompanied by high winds. We were fortunate to not lost power for more than a few seconds but everyone across the street from us and in other areas close by are still without power since about 3:00 PM yesterday.

I had finished up a new trail at the high school yesterday but never got a chance to ride it before the rains came. Today I checked out all the school trails for storm damage and there are about five trees down that will need a chainsaw to clear. The first school race is a week and a half away and of course they are calling for rain. Hopefully we will not have the same bad luck as last year.

The Scalpel 69'er

F29 HT

F29 SS (time to tighten the chain)

Name stickers courtesy of Cannondale. In case I foget who I am after a long race.

A little anodized bling


cjsbike said...

I always tell my wife, "You can never have too many bikes!"

Sweet C'Dales. Black is the new black!

See you at Lumberjack!


TP said...

Very nice indeed! Hope I get to pedal with you this summer!

Lynn said...

May I ask, why the downward-facing bar ends? And how tall are you?