Sunday, April 05, 2009

Good weekend

This past weekend was great for several reasons. First, my brother and his fiancee, Sandy, came to visit. It was the first time we had a chance to meet her. They were in Windsor Friday night for a concert and we met them downtown on Saturday at the Eastern Market and had lunch at the outdoor barbecue spot while listening to karaoke. The singers for the most part would not present any challenge to the American Idol finalists. But I have to give them credit for even getting up to sing. And it wasn't like they were drunk. I think most of these people do it on a regular basis.

The sunshine made it feel warmer than it really was, especially if you kept out of the wind. The proximity of the market to Ford Field added to the atmosphere as people were getting ready for the NCAA Final Four later that evening.

After lunch we went to the Motown museum. We weren't sure what to expect and there were lines of people waiting to get in, most from out of town. The place is fairly small as it is the original home, office, and recording studio of Motown records. Once in you get a guided tour through the history of the company and the facilities. I had to laugh when one of the guides mentioned that most people that live in the Detroit area don't go to the museum unless someone comes to visit them from out of town. I can vouch for that.

It was amazing to think about all the recording stars that have been in that place and recorded records in the small studio. It kind of gave you goosebumps to think you were standing in the same spot as all those greats when they made their records. We sang as a group a short section of one of the Motown hits so now I can say that I, too sang in the famous studio.

After the museum we headed back to our place where my brother and Sandy checked in to the motel and then came over later for a great dinner prepared by my wife, Sandy. We got a chance to catch up and see more of Sandy. She has a great personality and I think she and my brother will do fine together. I don't see my brothers much so it was good to get together, but it was too short of a visit.

Since I went to bed late I also slept in but was able to get out for a ride on the back roads for over 3.5 hours. I mad a few more tweaks to my riding position and my legs seemed to adapt well. I couldn't ride my new bike though as I'm still waiting for a part from Cannondale to complete it. The part should be here next week, just in time for the crummy weather we are supposed to have.

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