Saturday, September 23, 2006

Addison mud part deux?

Tomorrow is the final CPS race of the season and it is going to be at Addison Oaks, site of the infamous 12 hour mud race earlier this year. A lot of work was put into repairing the trails after that race and they are in prime shape once again. The rain this weekend may cause them to get soft again and probably see more traffic on them than at the 12 hour.

I rode the trails both yesterday and today and after having rain on both days the trail was still in great shape, only a few mud spots. In fact, semislick tires would not have been out of the question for the race. Most of the trail was hard and fast.

It started raining a while ago though and more is predicted tonight so I doubt the trail will be as good as it was today. Unless it is a steady rain overnight I don't think the trails will turn into the quagmire it was this spring. It will be greasy though and could be dicey in some of the corners. I've got different tires mounted depending on what it looks like tomorrow. I'm even taking the SS just in case.

I looked out the front window this afternoon and thought at first a piece of branch had fallen but looked again and it was a large turtle. I don't know where it came from or where it was going but the closest wetland is some distance from our house. If it is still around tomorrow we may try to move it to the woods.

Update: The turtle moved onto our driveway and then back into the yard. My wife decided we should take it to one of the nearby wetlands so along with my son we set about getting it into a cardboard box. Did I say I thought the turtle was a snapper? Sure enough, as my son put the box down in front of it while I was prodding it, the turtle snapped at the box, extending its neck to the limit with its mouth wide open. It startled all of us, I wish we could have caught that moment on tape.

We managed to get it in the box, hissing at us like crazy, and took it to a swamp. Once out of the box it moved fairly quickly into the weeds. I hope its not a homing turtle.

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Danielle said...

Good Luck tomorrow Steve. At least you can go into the race knowing that you don't have to ride in the mud for 12 hours!