Sunday, September 17, 2006


I rode Saturday and Sunday at Addison Oaks to both check out the trail and to see how my knee would react to some harder riding. After an easy lap I pushed the pace a little, not all out race speed but harder than I've been riding in the past two weeks. I could feel my knee start to ache near the end of the lap so I didn't ride much more other than back to my van. I had forgotten to wear a brace on the knee and think that may be why it started to bother me. I iced it most of the evening.

Sunday I met with Pauly and a few others to do a few laps with him, he designed most of the trails at Addison and was going to show us his lines through the course. I was glad to find out that 99% of the lines I was already using were the same as his. I did pick up a few tips. I wore a strap above my knee and I didn't have any pain. I managed to crash in one gravel corner and fell on my bad knee plus bang my thumb so that I had problems holding onto the bars and shifting. The new pains may have masked the old pain but my knee hasn't bothered me the rest of the day.

The great weather really brough out the bikers in the area. I have never seen so many at Addison on a non race day. There were lots of other riders I saw on the back roads near Addison as well. The proximity to Bald Mountain trails and the Paint Creek trail brings quite a few riders out to the area.

This week will be final prep work for the Addison race and then a big question on what to do next. It looks like I'll be racing Iceman so I will keep training and maybe add in another race or two until then to stay in shape.

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Robert said...

Hey Steve,

Knee issues are the worst. I had mystery knee pain early this year and it drove me kinda crazy. :-(

It will go away, for good, very soon.