Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Tennessee bound again

I have just about finished getting everything packed again for another trip to Tennessee this weekend. it seems like I just got unpacked. This time it is a 12 hour race which means doing laps. That also means a support crew and the ability to stop each time around. I may be doing a lot of stopping this race.

My legs felt OK after the race last weekend and riding on Monday. Yesterday they felt pretty dead and I didn't ride today and won't tomorrow either since I am leaving after work. My plan is to just take it easy and have fun. The have a lot of give aways at this race so maybe some of us will come home with some.

Hopefully the rain won't come in but they are calling for some on the day of the race. Since thins race doesn't mean much I don't plan on riding in mud. No sense messing up my bike and replacing parts so early in the year.

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Danielle said...

Steve- I know you probably won't see this to after the race but...GOOD LUCK!!!!