Sunday, April 01, 2007

The weather matched the way I felt

I pretty much finished building the Cannondale F29 late Friday night. I was trying to get it done in time to go on a longer ride Saturday morning but I could tell as I was working on the bike that I was starting to come down with something. The throat was getting scratchy and eyes started to get that itchy feeling. I was hoping it was just that I was tired.

I got up early the next morning not feeling 100% but decided to meet the group anyway. About a half hour later I headed for home, knowing that it was the prudent thing to do.
The weather was cloudy and spitting rain anyway. I spent most of the day lounging around the house or sleeping.

Today I didn't feel much better and didn't ride either. The sun came out for a while so we took the dogs for a walk.

That is a total of one hour of riding in the last four days. Maybe I needed the rest but now I have some catching up to do. After Tuesday the temperatures are falling again but I have a few days off on either side of Easter and plan on riding regardless.

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