Sunday, October 21, 2007

New ride

I have been riding and racing Cannondale bikes for several years now and have gotten rid most of my non-Cannondale mountain bikes, except one, a single speed. I have had several single speed bikes that were built from other manufacturer's frames but never a Cannondale. When they announced they were building a 29" frame SS specific bike for 2008 I immediately put it on my list for the next bike to build.

I had a frame on order since they first announced availability back in August. It sometimes takes longer to get a frame by itself, especially on hot sellers since they like to sell complete bikes. My frame finally arrived this past Thursday and I finished building it on Friday night. Saturday morning I gave it a shakedown ride and today I did 50 miles of my hill route to test the gearing I was thinking of using for Iceman.

I will probably run the SS but in my age class. The gearing I had on was a struggle on some of the hills but allowed for fast cruising on the flats. I may make the gearing a little easier, I'll have to think about it some more. The nice part about the bike is that it is identical in size to my other 29'er so fitting was relatively easy.

This week we are anxiously waiting for that phone call from Jason to tell us that he and Emily have had their baby. She is due on the 23rd so we should be getting the call any day now. I can then officially be called Grandpa! It doesn't seem that long ago that Jason was born.


Dan Frayer said...

Sweet SS. 29er is the only way to roll.
Have you heard any news on the NUE Series for 2008?


Steve Kinley said...

I had an email from Garth Prosser the other day but he didn't have any details. He said he was still working on some proposals.