Monday, October 08, 2007

What month is this?

Raking up my first batch of leaves was the only thing that reminded me it was fall. Temperatures in the upper 80's with high humidity made it feel like August.

I managed to get out for a few hours early Saturday morning on the back roads with some of my riding buddies. Most of them were on singlespeeds except for one. I am waiting for my Cannondale SS frame to come in and then I may join them on a SS as well. I haven't had the chance to ride much lately so it was good to get out for more than an hour.

Sunday morning I rode for a few hours again including taking in the C cyclocross race at Stony. I raced cyclocross a few years ago but I'm not sure I want to do it again. The race season is long enough as it is. Besides, all the close by races are over with this year until the last one in December. I may travel to a few more mtb races but not a 'cross race.

Next weekend I will be at the Bulletin Board Biker Bash, an end of the year bike fest that includes bike demos, games, and just getting together with other mountain bikers. Some of the bike shops set up displays so I will be working with Cycletherapy as well as distributing some Hammer products.

The following weekend I hope to get up north for a mtb race that is only in its second year but at a venue that used to hold mtb races many years ago. I think it will be the last race before the Iceman a few weeks after that. Once again I will be representing Hammer at the Iceman expo.

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