Sunday, February 10, 2008

37 Yesterday, -1 and dropping today

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday afternoon Sandy and I were out skiing in the relatively balmy 37 degree weather but we could feel the weather front starting to move in. While we were out the wind was picking up and the temperature dropping as the trails started to get crusty.

This morning it was 7 degrees as I headed out to the MMBA annual meeting to set up the Hammer booth and spend the day there selling product, seeing everyone again, and picking up my Champinship Point Series award; the first time I've gotten one for the Expert class.

By the time we left in the afternoon it was down to one degree and the wind was still blowing. Right now it's -1 and it's supposed to drop even more. Time to button up those longjohns.

While the weather was warm yesterday I managed to get hold of a couple of snowmobilers and have them meet me at the high school where I got to drive one around most of next Saturday's race course while the other snowmobile followed. I don't know how much good it did but it may have helped some. I am meeting the school organizer tomorrow to walk the trail so I'll have a chance to check it out.

Hopefully we will have a decent turnout for the race. The school organizer was a little worried because there weren't many preregistrations yet but that is normal for a winter race. I dropped off some flyers at a few of the bike and running shops yesterday.

I wrote once before about having a bigger bullseye on my back now that I will be riding for the SoBe Cannondale team and it may be getting bigger. I was sent an email from the NUE series organizers with some questions to fill out and send back along with a couple of pictures. It seems that they are working on a race program to be distributed at all of the races which will include among other things a brief description of the contenders in each of the series' categories: Male, Female, SS and Masters. I can't be anonymous anymore.


SquidBuzz said...

What's wrong with being noticed since you have earned it. Congrats.

TP said...

Congrats on the SPOT LIGHT! I'm sure you will shine. Best of luck this season in the series!