Sunday, February 03, 2008

What's wrong with a little snow?

Unfortunately we did not get the amount of snow predicted this past Friday. It's too bad as there are plenty of things to do in the snow besides trying to ride a bike.

Yesterday Sandy and I headed back up to Roscommon to the XC Ski Headquarters to see if they could get Sandy on some skis that would work for her. The previous two tries at REI were unsuccessful. Since the Ski Headquarters only does xc skiing for the most part, they have a very knowlegable staff and a great selection. They were able to find several models for Sandy and had demos of each available for her to try.

After trying the various models several times Sandy was able to select one that she felt comfortable with and the whole package was cheaper than the ones we had at REI (not factoring in the cost of driving to Roscommon). I tried a demo set myself while we went out on the trails with Sandy's new skis.

This morning I tried to do an easy hour or so on the bike outside but the back roads had not been plowed so the packed snow made it a little difficult in spots to keep the intensity low. It was a session for practicing my balance though. Later in the day Sandy and I went out to a local county park where they groom the trails for xc skiing so we could gt a little more time in before the warm temperatures ad rain may mean an ealy end to the fun on the snow.

The warmer temperatures are expected to stick around for a while so it may mean that the MTB race scheduled for Feb 16 may end up getting cancelled due to soft conditions. The run poriton will still take place.

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