Sunday, February 24, 2008

Oliver's getting bigger

I'm not too sure about you

And YOU! Who do you think you're fooling? (in his best Alfred Hitchcock imitation)


I can stick my finger in other places now, too!

Sandy and I drove down to Indiana this weekend to spend a little time with our grandson and daughter in-law and her mom. Emily had flown in to spend some time with her mother after her mom had knee surgery. Since this was only 4.5 hours away by car we wanted to take the opportunity to see the family. It is certainly a lot closer than trying to get out to Montana for a day.

We saw Oliver back at the end of November when he was about a month old. Three months later he has changed quite a bit. Of course he's bigger but he can now support himself and seems to be pretty strong. He's also developing a personality, with giggling and facial expressions to show his moods.

We had a nice visit but way too short. Hopefully we can get to see the whole family later this year if they make a trip back this way.


MTSS said...

Man is he cute! Just like his dad!

Steve Kinley said...

It does tend to run in the family :-)