Sunday, January 27, 2008

Weekend update

Additional snow Saturday morning so I decided to do my scheduled interval on the trainer, 70 minutes at a target wattage if indoors, longer and a higher wattage if outside. I could tell I was getting a little bored with riding on the trainer though as I looked for excuses to delay getting on the bike. Once I actually got down to it it wasn't so bad, especially as I was watching the movie Apocalypto.

Later in the day Sandy and I went out and snowshoed around the run course I am setting up for the race on Feb 16 at Lake Orion High School. The race seems to be getting some interest and I have a meeting with the school organizer on Monday to go over what still needs to be done. I'm not certain on the actual race distance yet but the course is pretty much settled.

Today I had the same workout scheduled as yesterday but I put on the studded tires and headed outside to the back roads. Thank goodness for the studs as I could tell I would have gone down a few times without them, especially as I was pedalling hard on the downhills trying to keep the wattage up. The studded tires even allowed me to stand of the up hills. I think I probably wasted some energy concentrating on keeping the bike upright in the snow and ice but it was good balance training.

Two of our dogs were as tired as I was in the afternoon. The black one weighs close to 90 pounds but definitely kept me warm.


Dan Frayer said...

We used to let our dog on the couch but once he tipped the scale over 85 lbs. he did not share very well.

I just registered for the Cohutta 100.


Steve Kinley said...

The black lab likes to get on the bed and in my spot. Once I tell him to move over he moves to the opposite corner of the bed.

I heard you were going with Chad. Hopefully we have good weather like last year.