Sunday, January 06, 2008

In a fog

The past two days we have been in a fog, literally. The warm air and rain has caused it to be foggy for the past two days and probably will continue to be so at least part way through tomorrow. The snow has really melted and causing sloppy trail conditions. Not that I'm riding them but I have been hiking on them to get some outdoor exercise in addition to riding on the trainer.

I used this weekend as a chance to work with our youngest dog to walk off the leash. We never were comfortable letting our two newer dogs off while hiking since we weren't sure if they would stay with us or run. We have an electric underground fence to keep them in the yard. Our oldest dog is no problem but we have always kept the other two on a leash while hiking. Better safe than sorry.

I was able to have the dog go for two long walks in the woods with me and stay relatively close, at least within view, and he would turn around and come back when called. Fortunately we didn't have any distractions like a rabbit or something for him to chase.

We will continue to work with him and also start working with the other dog. Hopefully we will be able to walk with all three off the leash.

Tomorrow is the national title college football game and since Ohio State is playing, Sandy and Greg have been planning a big party to have some of his friends over to watch. Sandy even invited me. I will have mixed feelings, I would like to see the Big Ten gain bolster its reputation with a good showing but also know that an Ohio State win will make their bragging rights over Michigan even bigger.

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