Sunday, January 20, 2008

OK, it's Winter

Just a week ago I titled the blog "Seems Like Spring". And now this weekend we have had a high of 11 so far with wind chills in the negative numbers. I didn't bother to try and ride outside since my computer would probably stop working or the cold might damage the PowerTap hub.

Tomorrow it is suppose to warm up some and I may ride outside regardless since I have the day off from work. I want to get some idea of the distances and possible laps times for the course options I have set up for the race on the 16th of next month. Todd and Jay met me up at the school today to hike the course and give me their impressions. Even though it was bitter cold, Jay hung around after the hike to run a lap or two of the course.

Tonight the Cannondale Midwest Racing team is going to have a virtual team meeting. In addition to setting up a conference call Joel and Robin will also be using the computer to illustrate a few things. We should all be able to see exactly what they are doing while looking at our own computers. I have used a similar technology at work but never outside of it. It should be interesting.

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