Saturday, March 22, 2008

Michigan Spring

Not having to work yesterday I got out for a 4+ hour ride on the roads to try and beat the snow due in later in the evening. The roads were finally clear of snow but in some of the shady areas the runoff from the previous day was frozen in the early morning temperatures. There was also a dampness in the air which seemed to work its way inside me by the time I was done.

Later in the afternoon I was reading reports of heavy snowfall to the southwest of us and hazardous road conditions. The snow started falling by us later in the evening.

This morning were were fortunate to only have about 3-4 inches. Sandy was disappointed that there wasn't more so she could go xc skiing but for me it was about the limit to navigate the back roads by bike. I was a out for a couple of hours but had to be careful in spots due to the snow on the roads, including the packed surfaces that would break apart as you rolled over them. I ran into Mike Simonson who is also getting ready for the Cohutta 100 next month. In fact, I've seen him every day the past two weekends I've been out. We train in the same area for the same reasons, relatively light traffic and some of the bigger hills around.

Later in the day I went over to Fraser bikes to check out the big sale they were having since the Cannondale rep would be there. The Cannondale demo truck was also scheduled but due to the snow they decided not to risk the drive. The store is impressive as it is pretty new and has an extensive training facility as part of their operations.

The rest of the weekend is reserved for Easter with the family although I will do an easy ride tomorrow to rest the legs. The next two weekends I will be putting in some long days to get ready for the first 100 mile race in a few weeks.


Justin L said...

Hey you got show me some of your route. And how I can hook up with it from down in Rochester. I am trying to get ready for my 6 hours of Addison. I am going solo.

Steve Kinley said...

I'm riding this Saturday if you want to go. About 7 hours.

Justin L said...

I am not sure if I can handle a 100 miles yet. The most I have done was 60 and that was rough. Do you stop somewhere and eat or do you carry food with you. I ahve been stepping up my speed on my rides has of late has it has been getting warmer. I got 34 in today in about a hour 45, My avg speed was about 18 or 19. Plus how is that route with a cross bike. I know the rail trails are super soft right now and I am sure the dirt roads are has well has the frost leave the road.

I think I might hold you up some and I don't want to affect you on your training rides. I am thinking of doing either a crit this coming weekend or a bunch of miles this weekend.I am not sure yet.

let me know what think you can PM me on MMBA board I am Fattyclark

Steve Kinley said...

I don't normally stop as I carry enough fuel, except on longer rides I may need to stop for more water.

I don't average anywhere near that speed on the mtb and back roads. One of my team members rode part of the route with me a few weeks ago on a fixed gear 'cross bike and I am using 700x30 tires on my training bike.

The roads are soft in spots but are drying up nicely. The only trail I'm on is the Paint Creek and then just for two short stretches.